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Name Nakai, Yoshio
Affiliation Doshisha University, Osaka University, Kansai University
Biography After graduating from university, wanting a change in environment, Yoshi Nakai went to Australia. After returning to Japan, he started teaching Japanese at a Japanese language school after completing a Japanese language teacher training course. While teaching Japanese, he studied applied linguistics at graduate school and was involved in supporting Japanese language learning at vocational schools, technical training centers, and universities. Currently, he is involved in Japanese language learning support and the training of Japanese language teachers for exchange students and undergraduate students. His research interests include the effects of language, people, and society, with regard to constructs such as learner autonomy, learner agency, and learner identities.
Further information about his research
Acknowledgements I would like to thank the participants who invested a great deal of time in answering my questions, and shared their valuable experiences.
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